Links4Success Mentoring Program – Student Application


Part 1 – Student Application

Part 2 – Questions to Help Us Get to Know You

Please answer the following questions with an open heart!  Make your answers clear, brief and representative of who you are.

Part 3 – Letters of Recommendation

Applicants to the Links4Success Mentoring Program must submit two letters of recommendation.

One recommendation must be written by a teacher or counselor who knows the applicant. In the recommendation, the writer should describe:

  1. the applicant’s academic performance currently, and
  2. how mentoring can help the applicant develop in a particular area of study.

The second letter of recommendation must be written by someone who is not a family member. In this recommendation, the writer should describe:

  1. the applicant’s personality, and
  2. how mentoring could support the applicant’s development and growth outside the classroom.

Both letters of recommendation must be no more than one page long and include the applicant’s first and last name; the writer’s relationship to the applicant; how long the writer has known the applicant; and the writer’s full name, phone number, and email address.

Signed recommendation letters can be emailed to or mailed as follows:

The Links, Incorporated
Attention: Mentor Program Application Committee
PO Box 460312
San Antonio, TX 78246

Letters or recommendations must be received no later than November 30, 2022.

Part 4 – Acknowledgment of Commitment to Participate in the Program