National Trends & Services

Within the National Trends and Service facet, a core area of focus is on anti-bullying segment of the eSTEAM program at the B&GCSA after school care sessions.  One of our most popular sessions, “Bullying Basics” provides a high energy, interactive conversation and group of activities about the definition and awareness of bullying.  Additional education and awareness has been placed on voter registration.

We also align closely with behavioral aspects of Health and Human Services offering content focused on cyber bullying along with digital and social media reputation education. Within this segment we instruct and guide students towards building and maintaining appropriate online profiles as well as recognizing and reporting abuse or unsafe conduct when operating online or within social media sites.

The National Trends and Services Facet meets monthly with the students and follow The Links Incorporated’s national program, “Trash Talking: It’s No Joke.”  Activities include eSTEAM components and tools.