Voting Resources

This page has a variety of resources for educators, students and the general community to learn about voting, how to register to vote, and where to get additional information. Thank you to all our Link sisters who contributed to this page.


Teachers are you looking for a concise way to teach The Civil Rights Voting Act to your students? This Power Point series teaches students about the history and struggle of African Americans getting the right to vote. It also touches upon San Antonio’s history when it comes to voting rights.

Presentation Slides – A Call To Action-Civil Rights Voting Act, by The Links, 2020– Power Point Version (with additional teaching notes)

Voting Table of Contents

Lesson Plan with Facilitation Guide 09-27-20

Voting Suppression Tactics

Discussion Questions

Anytown TX Ballot

College Students

In the 2014 midterms, only 19.9% of 18-29-year-olds turned out to vote, the lowest turnout out in 40 years, however 2018 estimates saw the turnout of 18-29-year-olds jump to a historic high of 31%. We believe we can continue this improving trend by making the most fundamental tools of campus organizing free and available to all students across the country. (Credit Campus Vote Project)

The Campus Vote Project includes resources, such as:

  • Barriers to Student Registration and Voting
  • Getting Started: Making Your Campus Voter Friendly
  • Voter Education Campaigns

Learn more here.

General Voting Information

Voter Registration Portal: When We All Vote provides a customized voter registration portal that can be integrated into various ways to increase voter engagement efforts.


Printable Flyer: This is a document that can be distributed at large and printed in large quantities to facilitate voter registration at in-person events.


VoteTexas.Gov lets visitors find information about registering to vote, upcoming elections and what’s on the ballot. Click here to visit the site.