The Arts

2015-04-19 15.12.23
A final piece on display by artist and Link Aissatou Sidime

The Arts Facet combines visual arts, technology, and healthy foods or lifestyle in related sessions that the student will build upon each month.   After school programming led by Links has included the aggregation of scraps of recycled matter, wrappers and other forms of suggested “trash” and through creative art sessions, created wonderful works of art.

Other efforts have included issuing lessons in photography whereby disposable cameras and being given photography lessons by a professional photographer about the parts of the camera, focusing, and lighting.

Students have also received photography sessions that will yield their interpretations of a healthy lifestyle or healthy eating. Photographs were converted to media for their artwork and submitted into The Links Incorporated annual Poster Arts Contest.

Links Aiassatou Sidime and Yvonne Hilliard provide instructional creative direction.