History of our Scholarship Program

The Youth Achievers Award Program was established in 1977 by Deborah Collins Crawford. It later evolved into the Salute to Youth Program.  Youth are recognized for academic excellence, artistic development, school participation, athletic achievement, church participation, and/or civic participation.

2022 Scholarship Winners


2021 Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winners

The 2019 Links Scholars Award Ceremony was held April 27, 2019. Featured are Scholarship Award Winners.

Endowment and Scholarship Facts

Through funds raised from the Western Gala, this has afforded the San Antonio Links to provide over $129,860 to St. Philip’s College Links Endowment in support of students’ academic and professional goals. Over the years the Links have awarded over $236,000 to local high school scholars pursuing higher education.

 Some of the accomplishments reached by our recipients include:
  • National Merit Scholar
  • 1st place vocalist in Scholastic Competition
  • Financial Vice President for a Junior Achievement Company
  • Member of the Society of Distinguished American High School Students
  • ROTC Company and Battalion Commander
  • Teen Advisory Group member for Drug and Crime Prevention
  • Energy Conservation Committee Member
  • High Teen Magazine panelist
  • 1st place winner in the Louisiana State Invitational (Talent Award)
  • Who’s Who Among High School Students
  • Freshman of the Year at Rice University
  • Student Council President
  • Civics Club President
  • Forensic League President
  • 1st place District Algebra II contest winner
  • Classical Pianist – superior rating
  • Trinity University
  • Girl Scouts Program “Wider Opportunities” leader
  • Latin Club President and more.