Program Facets

San Antonio Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

Programming for 2017- 2019 Biennium

Program Type: Umbrella

Program Title: Achieving the Dream; Transitioning Adolescence to Adulthood

Lead Facet: Services to Youth

Situation: According to higher education attainment rate, only 36.6% of the population in Texas have college degrees. Texas ranks the 41 out of 51 states. Therefore, higher education is flat lined and declining in our community, and the San Antonio Chapter of The Links, Inc. will partner with an HBCU institution (St. Philip’s College) to help mentor 1st generation students and provide resources to help them obtain a college degree, so that they can remain competitive in the state, national, and global workforce. Based on the needs assessment conducted at St. Philip’s College, below is the programming plan to address a particular need in our community.

Mission: To enhance and enrich the lives of Black youth by recruiting students who attend the after school program at the Boys and Girls Club for enrollment to the St. Philip’s College Early College High School, a San Antonio HBCU college. 2) To equip the students who attend the St. Philip’s College Early College High School with “soft-skills” necessary to function in mainstream America. 3) To expose the students attending the St. Philip’s College Early College High School to minority artists that speak to varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Vision: To facilitate success through the use of mentorship to educate the participants with “Soft Skills” for 1st Generation students enrolled at St. Philip’s Early College High School, an HBCU college.

1. To provide mentoring opportunities and activities each month for 67 middle school students at the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio in order to recruit 5-10% of them for enrollment in an HBCU Early College High School by the end of the 2017-18 school year.

2. By the end of the 2017-18 school year, we will provide mentoring opportunities weekly to 25 high school students who attend St. Philip’s College, a San Antonio HBCU, in order to expose them to careers of their choice and equip them with the “soft-skills” necessary to function in mainstream America.

3. To provide an increased awareness for minority artists each month for 25 high school students who attend St. Philip’s College Early College High School, a San Antonio HBCU, and provide experiences that speak to varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Additionally we will offer hands-on activities and arrange for trips to visit local museums.

Inputs: The San Antonio Link Facets will provide weekly sessions that will address their National and Western Area initiatives that are aligned with the mission/vision of the Chapter, as well as all facets collaboratively providing a Career Day Workshop involving community partners.


Services to Youth (Lead Facet) focuses on implementing programs that are responsive to the needs of middle and high school students and continues to implement national initiatives and signature programs in support of our mission to enrich and enhance the lives of black youth. Young Achievers address issues and challenges facing high school black aged youth. Through a series of workshops and interactive programs, this initiative supports a successful completion of middle school and a seamless transition to high school and to college.

The Arts Facet embraced the Umbrella Program by increasing and expanding arts activity. The sessions include an introduction to the “Elements of Art” and the Jacob Lawrence’s great “Migration Series”. Students gave their own stories of their migration, and designed cartoon to illustrate their journey in pictures and words. Students were also introduced to Frida Kahlo’s “Self-Portraits” and designed their own self-portrait of themselves.

The National Trends Facet implemented the following programs and initiatives to support the Umbrella Program. Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert provided an overview on Human Trafficking. Students were exposed to “Communication beyond Digital” on how to communicate through letter writing, thank you notes, and shaking hands. Students enjoyed a “Dress for Success” session along with a very interactive discussion on important grooming and dress at school and workplace.

The International Trends and Services Facet supports the Umbrella Program through various activities such as “Exploring the African Diaspora where the students were exposed to foods that have origins in Africa. A guest speaker from the University of Texas at San Antonio captivated the students’ attention at the Boys and Girls Club. Other activities include: Girl Power, Human Trafficking, Cyber Security, and Exposure to Foreign Services Careers.

The Health and Human Services Facet’s contribution to the Umbrella Program, will focus on mentoring and providing activities for participants that are in line with National and Western Area HHS Signature Programs and Initiatives by presenting monthly health topics as prescribed by the Western Area such as Alcohol/ Drug Abuse, Hands-on CPR, Nutrition, Mental Health, and HIV/AIDS. The facet will also provide a Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures event for the San Antonio community at the Boys and Girls Club on March 3, 2018.

Outputs: The facet’s weekly activities are listed on the 2017-2018 programming calendar.

Outcomes: The results will be analyzed to determine increased attendance and participation of students and community involvement.

Evaluation: Weekly sign-in sheets, questionnaires, surveys, pre and post assessments will measure the growth.