Health & Human Services

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Link Dr. Margaret Kelley instructs on the heart during the eSTEAM inaugural session.

The Health and Human Services Facet focuses on heart health, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.  The Health Facet led the introductory session of the Achieving the Dream with eSTEAM program entitled, “Meet the Heart.”  The facet members provided a porcelain heart with life-like colors and parts to teach the students about their heart and all of its vital functions.

The Health Facet has also enabled the San Antonio Chapter to partner with the San Antonio Chapter of the American Heart Association in our heart health initiatives.  San Antonio Chapter members and an alumnae members were trained in Hands-Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) at the local American Heart Association facility, subsequently enabling the facet to train the B&GCSA students using “Annie” CPR mannequins.  The students learned Hands-Only CPR and the steps to take in case of an emergency until an adult or help arrives.

The Health Facet continues to focus on the heart and healthy lifestyles throughout the program with current emphasis on the Liver and Hepatitis C., in support of national strategic priorities.

Link Dr. Joyceln Theard leads workshop at the San Antonio Eastside Boys & Girls Club on the various functions of the liver.